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Property appraisals 
We provide complete property appraisal reviews throughout Greece, based on real comparative data of the real estate market and we calculate the market value of the property by using the methodologies set by international regulations. Our extended database provides us with direct and rapid corresponding to every area within Greek territory. After setting a one on one appointment for an analytical presentation, we can exhibit to you various types of property appraisal reviews. 

We provide investigations of properties that have been damaged by various natural causes (floods, earthquakes, fires etc.). Our firm is included in the official list of investigators of the first and second degree Courts of Law of Attiki. Moreover, since 2008 our firm is a member of the Permanent Committee of Property Appraisers of the Technical Chamber of Greece, an institution for which we undertake investigations.

Conduct of technical studies- Construction of private projects
We provide complete solutions for the conduct of technical studies and the construction of private projects. This can be done either by stages (design- issuance of building permit- supervision- construction) or by delivering to the client the final result, which is a completed building.

Land measurement and measured drawings
We provide plot diagrams of acreages and we measure building facilities all over Greece. We also compose the budgeting for rebuilding works which can be used for the issuance of housing loans and other legal uses.

Establishment of horizontal properties
We provide the making of all the drawings requested (land measurement drawings, plans, tables of co-ownership percentages) for the establishment of horizontal properties in existing or under construction buildings.

Technical advices
We provide all kind of technical advices referring to technical and planning issues, either to professional developers or to private individuals.

Investment consulting
Our significant experience gained through the cooperation with the biggest commercial banks of Greece, gives us the possibility to facilitate the mortgage holder in order for him to choose the most appropriate financial program. We can also assist him throughout all the stages of issuing a housing or a professional loan. 

Economical and technical reviews of investment
Prior to the undertaking of any business plan regarding the utilization of your property, our significant experience in the real estate market will help you successfully choose the most opportune way to make your business plan work.

Consulting services
By simply coming to our office, we can provide you with consulting services on technical issues or on calculating the commercial value of your property. This can be done by using the extended database that our firm possesses, which refers to areas throughout Greece.

You can contact us :
via phone 210-9884034, 210-9810748 from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. or via e-mail by clicking here so that we can arrange a meeting.

Visit charge: 100E plus 24% tax per hour, with minimum charge of one hour.

Arranging arbitrary structures - Certificates N.4495/17
We provide the possibility of arranging any arbitrary structure, in correspondence with the law 4495/17. We do so with accountability, proper updating to the client and prices that are adjusted to the current economic and social era.

Furthermore, we provide certificates of planning legitimacy in correspondence with the law Ν. 4495/17 which are necessary for any conveyance of property. For additional information you can ask us to call you by using the relevant field at the homepage of our website.

21, Poseidonos Ave,
Alimos 174 55
+30 210 9884034
+30 210 9810748
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