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The appraisal will be sent to you via e-mail within 2 working days starting from the assignment to our firm. The estimation of the value of the appraised property will be done with limited external view of the property and will be based on the database of comparative information of our firm as well as on the information that you will provide us in the following form.
Address of property to be appraised
If the property is located at an intersection of two streets or if it is open throughout, meaning that it is facing two different streets, please write down the names of both streets. This application is not used to appraise properties that are located in a no-build zone or have been built without a valid construction permit.
I am interested to appraise:
Type of voucher:
Tax Number (A.F.M.)
Greek Tax Office (D.O.Y.)
Surface of the apartment
(including the closed semi-open spaces if existing)
(if the property is a duplex please report so at the observations section and write down the m2 per
Storage space:
Year of construction:
(only for properties constructed more that 10 years ago):
Attach a photo (up to 10 MB)
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The price includes a tax of 24%.
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